Friday, 16 February 2007

Nice Friday...

Ane and my humble self went to New York City and as usual their streets were almost deserted. We disguised ourselves as robots. Of course, without take with us the weapons because they were prohibited.

Walking by the city we find a paralytic in a wheelchair asking the people for money, clothes, food... We spoke to him, we took photos, we gave currencies, shoes, clothes and we offered our friendship to him. As friends we could teletransport it to the Club Sin in Logan, where always there are a lot of people and maybe this charming Brazilian boy could earn more money.

Whereas I make money seated in Logan, somebody make me a teletransport to Aloha Beach, a precious nudist beach.
There it is possible to danced, ride in a dolphin, take a shower, take the sun, make love, receive boxes free and listen the sound of the waves. In this beach I also saw the first vamp of Second Life.
I also show the first girl with marks of bikini in its skin. If there is something in this life that I hate more than soup, are the marks of the bikini on the skin!!! Also I knew the French punk more cool and fantastic that I ever know, but this was the following day.

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